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Ford’s one-of-a-kind Business Preferred Network program is perfect for any small business operator, entrepreneur or small commercial company… whose owner’s value their time.

We are part of a high-performing group of about 90 dealers in Canada, specifically selected for our commitment to supporting small business when it comes to their transportation needs. Whether you have one car, two SUV’s or four small vans, we have the resources and the people that are dedicated to helping your business grow with the right vehicles working hard for you.

Our dealership’s BPN program is here to take care of:

Your vehicle purchase/lease experience – We will ensure that you make the most beneficial choice for your business… and we can do it all without you ever leaving your office. Whether it is your first commercial vehicle or your ‘umpteenth’… we will:
Provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your specific business vehicle needs and give you our written recommendations.
Outline the best manner in which to take care of the financing needs; you can even bring your accountant along!
Provide a single point of contact specialist that will spec it, order it, prep it, out-fit it and deliver it. The perfect vehicle for you… without any hassle at all!

Accessories/out-fitting – From genuine Ford accessories to customized shelving/racks to full commercial service bodies, we know the right parts, the right suppliers and the right installers to make your vehicle work efficiently for you.
From laptop mounts to dividers to customized rear seat storage systems, we can make your vehicle an extension of your work space.
We can also capitalize many of these accessories right into your lease or purchase, saving you out-of-pocket expenses and making it so convenient to customize the vehicle.
Whether from Ford or a Ford-approved supplier/builder, all accessories are fully warrantied to give you a comfortable, peace-of-mind ownership experience.

Service/scheduled maintenance – We will ensure you never miss a service interval with our individualized reminder system, a soon-to-be-launched service concierge program – where membership has it benefits! – and flexible hours for service. We keep your vehicles working longer and harder for you by keeping them in top shape.
With Ford’s pre-paid maintenance plans, we make it far cheaper – and incredibly easy – to keep your vehicle maintained throughout your ownership cycle.
With our dedicated reminder system for your specific vehicle’s maintenance regimen, we provide worry-free ownership – it’s just part of our speciality.
Regular maintenance means fewer breakdowns and costly repairs, so your vehicle stays on the road earning you money.

Warranty work/repairs – We have trained technicians and nearly dollars in parts on hand, ready to address any warranty repairs or breakdowns with a minimum of fuss and time. Your business runs 30 days a month; why shouldn’t your vehicle?
We will ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly by our factory-trained techs, which protects the full warranty completely for the entire warranty period, or for as long as you have your vehicle. Peace of mind ownership has never been this easy.
As we mentioned above, we have properly trained technicians and that means your vehicle gets repaired properly – the first time – giving you more time to make it work hard for your business.
We have service loaners or subsidized rentals available 24-7 in the unlikely event of a vehicle breakdown, keeping you on the road and conducting your business.

Genuine Ford parts – We know Ford parts work best because they are specifically designed for your Ford vehicle… so that is what we use. It maintains factory performance, contributes to a safer operation… and protects your resale value.
As a BPN Dealer, we know that genuine Ford parts also protect your warranty, ensuring your vehicle ownership experience is as good as you can have.
Your vehicle is your workhorse and a showpiece, so maintaining it with genuine parts from Ford reflects on your business… and protects it at same time.
And genuine Ford parts are guaranteed for two full years – twice as long as some other competitors – for greater value and peace of mind motoring.

As a member of the local business community.

We know how important your vehicles are to you – we run vehicles for our business, too. And we know you have choices for your transportation needs – it is why we work so hard at earning your business… and keeping it. Our goal is simple. To provide the highest possible level of service to your small business/company – from purchase/lease to trade-in – based on saving you time and making it safe and convenient for you to deal with us.
And you have our word on that!

For Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Did you know that even with just one vehicle – which doesn’t even need to be registered in a company’s name – that you qualify (no matter how small your company) for commercial lease/financing rates and programs?
It’s true! If you use your vehicle – any vehicle at all – to promote or earn money for your company, then you are a commercial account in the eyes of the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

This is just one example of exactly how the professionals at ABC Ford Lincoln’s Commercial Centre will cater your small business’ needs to a program that fits you best! Whether car, a van, a cross-over/SUV or a truck, we work diligently to give you the most flexible and effective financing options possible… every time.

Five great reasons to trust the ABC Ford Lincoln ‘Small BusinessMasters™ Club’ for your small business’ transportation needs…

Fact: We are the one-call solution. Simply make one call; whatever the vehicle, we will spec it, quote it, order it, up-fit it, delivery it, service/maintain it and support it. Could anything be easier?
What does this mean to you? We make your vehicle ownership/lease experience so convenient and easy that you will wonder why you didn’t do this years ago! We take the hassle and stress out of an experience that most small business owners simply do not want to bother with. Let the professionals at ABC handle it all – for you!

Fact: We assume nothing. Each and every time you deal with our team, a comprehensive written assessment is completed, ensuring we fully understand your business and your personal needs.

What does this mean to you? The solution we propose will be exactly what you need. No hassle, no worry, no time wasted and no money squandered. And you have our word on that.
Fact: We can customize a vehicle to do nearly anything. From ‘standard’ service bodies to highly-specific, uniquely-customized work units, from Ford’s warranty-approved suppliers through to licensed builders and rebuilders, we do it all.

What does this mean to you? We can save you an immense amount of time because of our extensive knowledge of all suppliers – and we mean the right ones to deal with – and the peace of mind of knowing that ABC Ford Lincoln’s Commercial Centre will always stand behind you!

Fact: We use genuine Ford parts, installed by certified Ford commercial technicians. Period.

What does this mean to you? You gain confidence in knowing that anything put on or in your Ford will work perfectly, to Ford’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) standards, ensuring better performance from your vehicle, less likelihood of breakdown and… more time that it is on the road working for your company.

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